About Us

Habeeb Foundation’s aims & objectives are: charitable purpose of which the propagation of Peace, Tranquility, Propagation of  of and Understanding oc comparative faith & religion, Communal Harmony, Tolerance among International Community and Youth, Spread of Religious and Technical Education, Medical Relief and the advancement of any other objective of general public utility.

We work for the advancement of education, art, science & technology and health. We inculcate among different groups of people, the spirit of harmony and co-operation and to work for the promotion and development of arts and crafts, agricultural and cottage industries, business establishments and professional developments amongh such groups.

We dispel ignorance and supersition, disseminate knowledge, furnish correct and unbiased information, promote and encourage education, build a modern, scientific, liberal, moral and altruistic outlook; inculcate a sense of duty and discipline patriotism and love of mankind; work for national integration, social justice, freedom of speech and conscience, equality and fraternity, adherence to secular ideals etc.